We believe that exercise isn’t just about how it makes you look, but also how it makes you feel. Surat's most happening club offers an unrivaled opportunity to combine health, fitness & sports with leisure. Be FIT, BE LIT with BB club.

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Membership Benefits

Professional training

The team of great fitness trainers with their respective expertise in the field will guide you to inculcate skill set and get into the best shape. Enroll yourself and become the best version of yourself with us.

Unlimited access to amenities

The club is open for accessibility of amenities such as Gymnasium, Swimming pool, Self –defense, and Shooting Arena as many times you want according to your convenience and not just limited to one time.

Any time you can visit and access facilities the club is open for you.

BB Social

The gourmet lounge that serves aroma coffee and delectable dishes amidst minimilstic ambience, and lets you socialise with your friends and family. The epitome of luxury and modern aura makes you experience paradise at your tables.